Workshops are listed in the order we confirmed them.  Check back for updates

  • GROWING MICROGREENS:  Learn to grow nutrient dense greens year round on a south facing windowsill, or with lights.  Lets grow nutrition even in the winter!  We will plant wheat grass and an assortment of sprouts: sunflower, radish, buckwheat, etc.  Presenter: Alyssa Pitter
  • BUILDING HUGELKULTURE BEDS:  A "hands on" workshop learning the benefits of hugelbeds.   These are made by mounding logs, branches, leaves, grass clippings, straw, cardboard, petroleum-free newspaper, manure, compost or whatever other biomass you have available, top with soil and plant your veggies, etc.  Learn the benefits.  Presenter: Mike Barwell
  • GARDEN TOUR:   A tour of the gardens and greenhouses at Shaker Village.  A discussion on transitioning to permanent raised beds and use of surface mulches to control weeks, conserve soil moisture and improve soil quality.  Scythe Demo, weather and conditions permitting.  Presenter:  Andy Messenger
  • SHAKER HERBALISM:  Discussion about Shaker herbalism & products, focusing on Canterbury Shaker Village between the years of 1835-1895 when they were most active.  Included is a short discussion on the "Doctrine of Place."  Presenter:  Bea Hebert
  • MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS:  A discussion on what medicinal mushrooms are, what kinds grow in New England and what they can do for our health and the health of our land.  Presenter:  Ann-Marie Jackson
  • SUMMER TREE & SHRUB PROPAGATION:  Many trees & shrubs are propagated in the summer months through cuttings, grafting and budding.  Learn these easy techniques for making more plants from ones you already have.  We will chip bud and 1 bud apples and other fruit trees, as well as take summer cuttings from common edible plants.  Presenter:  Buzz Ferver
  • RESILIENT BUILDING   The Shakers are known for "no frills" functionality in life and work.  Let's take a look at some historic structures and how they are adapted by the Shakers for the longevity, work and comfort of the community.  This will be a walk looking at a number of structures.  Presenter:  David Ford
  • URINE DIVERSION & PERMACULTURE: This presentation will focus on the value of urine diversion as a permaculture practice & how urine diversion is on the rise in NH, thanks to the efforts of "Pee Local" located in NH's Seacoast & its parent organization,  Rich Earth Institute of Brattleboro, VT.  "Pee Local" is in its 4th year of a urine diversion & nutrient reclamation pilot program implementing practical & sustainable wastewater management solutions to help address the Great Bay's nutrient pollution issues, conserve drinking water, help support local agriculture, and promote permaculture in NH.  Urine is an excellent source of home grown fertilizer, and sustainable community scale initiates such as that of the Rich Earth Institute are demonstrating the economic viability of "peecycling" programs.  (www.richearthinstitute.org ).  David will share his experiences & practical approach to collecting, storing and utilizing one's own liquid gold as an agricultureal fertilizer, as well as highlight programs & research.  Presenter: David Cedarholm
  • NATURE BASED LEARNING FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD:  Join in community on the Dewey School's Paradise Meadow at the Canterbury Shaker Village.  Explore our natural habitate islands.  Walk our paths.  Go to the
  • Wilds.  See the world from the perspective of a four-year-old.  Let's discuss why it is important to connect children to nature & what NH is doing about it!  This participatory workshop will explore how we can foster connections to the natural world for our children.  We will use the resources on hand to create, in community, a sapling structure for the early learners at The Dewey School.  You will need patience, loppers, & a cheery disposition.  Presenter: Mindy Beltramo
  • PERMA'ROUND THE CULTURES OF THE WORLD: This session will give an overview of permaculture development and spread through different cultures/countries, groups of people.  Considerations of social permaculture will be discussed & micro-permaculture thought processes presented.  Presenter: Cris Blackstone
  • URBAN PERMACULTURE:  This workshop covers the creation of a low maintenance permaculture garden in a limited area. This garden includes virtually an endless variety of perennial, annual,  edible, and ornamental plants.  Presenter: Marsha Campaniello
  • RE-WILDING THE SOUL:  In Permaculture, we often talk about the aikido of gardening - of using the natural forces and energies to create abundance in our food & life systems.  This class is all about using the natural forces of the cycles inherent to humans that once aligned to bring us so much richness, clarity & Soul nourishment.  Come learn the gifts of the four phases & why understanding them, honoring them & following their lead will build your power, effectiveness and joy in everything you do!  Presenter: Jonah Rue Roberts
  • SUPPORTING A CLIMATE RESILIENT FOOD SYSTEM- Preparing for the climate impacts to the global, national, and local food supply.  New Hampshire is estimated to have on average 2-3 days worth of food supply at any given time. While local food supplies have been increasing, NH is still highly dependent on out-of-state/region food sources for our calories and nutrition.  As our globe continues to warm & regional climates shift, conditions in the major food growing regions may shift, putting our food supplies at risk.  This session will briefly review the most recent observed change in weather patterns and will conclude with a group discussion regarding opportunities and considerations to support a resilient food system in NH & New England.  Presenter: Chris Skoklund
  • MUSHROOM FORAY:  In this workshop Dave will discuss the mushroom life cycle and how to forage for mushrooms, including what to look for in their habitat and how to safely go about identification.   We will foray and ask people to bring a basket, knife, and favorite ID book. We will bring back the mushrooms and present them on a table. Presenter: Dave Wichland
  • MUSHROOM PLUGGING DEMO: Learn the basics to propagating your own mushrooms.  Dave will demonstrate techniques for growing mushrooms on logs and stumps and go over what varietites are best suited for your situation.  This workshop will include totem and log inoculation demonstrations.  Presenter:  Dave Wichland
  • INTRODUCTION TO SHAKER HISTORY & CANTERBURY SHAKER VILLAGE:  During lunch with Presenter:  Kevin Marzoli