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Dear Permaculture Teacher/Practitioner -


The Ecovillage Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire is very excited to be the host of this year’s NH Permaculture Day. The date is Saturday, August 18 in Colebrook, NH. Plans are underway to bring permaculture practices and principles to a growing population of eager and interested individuals. This year’s event revolves around the theme “Co-Exist”

 You need other people in order to be. You need other beings in other to be…you also need sunshine, river, air, trees, birds, elephants, and so on. So, it is impossible to be by yourself, alone. You have to ‘inter-be’ with everyone and everything else.”_Thich Nhat Hanh (Buddhist monk and peace activist)

  • We want to honor individual wisdom by tapping into the abundance of local knowledge & experience as much as possible
  • We want to provide a variety of educational opportunities for attendees - prior year participants have asked for more how-to and hands-on classes and workshops
  • We want to foster engagement in true dialogue that moves beyond a typical & conventional “classroom” presentation

 We invite you to submit a presentation proposal that you are excited about teaching. The Day is expected to bring at least 400 people, and will include vending opportunities in our Permaculture Marketplace, a farm fresh lunch, and occasions to network & have fun with old friends and new.

 We are looking for approximately 40 presentations covering a broad range of permaculture topics. Facilities are limited for Powerpoint/projector setups, so please be sure to let us know on your form if you are willing and able to work without a projector.   The attached “Presentation Wish List” provides some ideas for the topics our programming committee hopes will be covered at the event, but is not meant to be limiting. Please review the list and see what aspect of permaculture you might like to talk about.

How would you like to be part of this educational collaboration?

 Please review the attached Presenter Registration Form, and feel welcome to contact:

Leonie Brien with any questions you may have. Once you are ready to submit, you can e-mail the form to Leonie at: lbrien@evi.life or send a hard copy to 3 Angels Rd. Unit C, Colebrook, NH 03576.

 We look forward to working with you and hearing about what you would like to share!

 Last year we gave a $25 stipend to each Presenter. It was so well received, we would like to offer this as a “Thank-you” again this year. Some Presenters opted to apply the $25 stipend to a Vendor booth, and many chose to donate their stipend to support Permaculture Day. Please be sure to indicate your preference on the form.


In appreciation,

The NH Permaculture Day Programming Committee




The following is a list of possible workshop topics, arranged into categories, for this year’s NH Permaculture Day:



 Land & Soil:, building soil (outside & in high tunnels), soil ecology, composting, water collection/management strategies, building a food forest, container/small space gardening, hugelkultur, sheet mulching, scything, promoting pollinators, humanure, keeping water on the land, building and using “A” frame for contours and swales

 Crops (growing & collecting): growing fruits and vegetables, foraging, organic gardening, companion planting, medicinal plants (collect or grow), mushrooms (collect/grow), aquaculture, beekeeping and wild pollinators, homestead-scale livestock (chickens, goats, rabbits, etc.), grass farming, seed saving, invite wild foods to your home, vegetable breeding, containers and small space gardening, season extension, medicinal herb walks, wild foods walks, plant ID walks, mushroom foray

 Products: bread-baking, fermentation, preservation (food and/or medicine), cheese making, processing & using wild foods, fibers (raising and processing, alternatives), “value added products”

 Building: root cellars, improving current building efficiency, alternative greenhouse and building design, water collection & storage, creative re-purposing and alternative building materials


Energy: small scale energy, solar dehydrators & appliances, home-scale alternative energy, wood (cookstoves and/or heat), carbon sequestration, off-grid intentions, appropriate technology

 Design: permaculture design and practice, urban permaculture, design for homeowners



  • Decolonizing Permaculture
  • Alternative Economics
  • Creative Strategies for change
  • Socio-economic empowerment
  • Co-housing and alternative living arrangements
  • Connection of people, environment & health
  • Human networking



  • Introduction to permaculture
  • Permaculture principles, theory and ethics
  • Site assessment and analysis for permaculture
  • Plant species inventories (guilds)
  • Scale: personal/farm/community considerations
  • Bringing permaculture to children & teens (the future) and/or kids teaching permaculture
  • Applying Permaculture principles in other areas: education, business, economics, technology, etc.
  • Grant writing



Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 6th Annual NH Permaculture Day! We appreciate the wisdom you are willing to share with the wider permaculture community.


Presenter Name: _______________________________________________________________


Business/Organization Name: _____________________________________________________


Address: ____________________ Town, State, Zip: __________________________


Phone: ___________________________ E-mail:______________________________


Website: ______________________________________________________________________


Please describe your proposed class/workshop/talk:








If you are utilizing a Power Point presentation in your workshop, we require that you e-mail a copy of the Presentation at least 1 week prior to the event. This way we can make sure that all the “tech” support is ready.

FACILITY REQUIREMENTS: (Check all that apply)




______Tables: how many?


______Projector required

______Projector optional




______ I would like to apply the stipend as a Vendor in the Permaculture Marketplace? (Please review the Vendor Guidelines and complete/submit the Vendor form)

______ I would like to donate the stipend towards the Event.

______ I would appreciate the $25 stipend


_______I give permission for the NH Permaculture Day Committee to use photos or videos of my presentation in publications, newsletters, and/or online in relation to the event?


  • Event Admission: You are invited to attend workshops at no cost during the event, with lunch included.
  • Presenters will be responsible for printing your own handouts and providing appropriate workshop materials. If you will be providing product samples for attendees to take home, you may ask for a maximum $5 suggested donation per person to recoup any material costs incurred.
  • Vendor Space: We are pleased to offer vendor space to Presenters. Vendor spaces cost $50 for profit/$25 non-profit and consist of a 10’ x 10’ area. . You can apply your presenter stipend toward the vendor space reducing the cost to $25. Please indicate on the form if you would like to participate in the Permaculture Marketplace.
  • If you are utilizing a Power Point presentation in your workshop (or other electronic format), we require that you e-mail Karen a copy of the Presentation at least 1 week prior to the event. This way we can make sure that all the “tech” support is ready.



  • Arrive promptly at 8am to register and confirm your presentation space.
  • Present your workshop at the designated place and time according to the schedule.
  • You are encouraged to advertise, market and promote the workshop and NH Permaculture Day within your own community and networks.
  • In the event of cancellation, please notify Karen at least two weeks prior to the event so that we can make alternate arrangements. In the case of an unexpected emergency, be sure to contact us as soon as you are able.SUGGESTIONS:
    • Given that most people listen at more than twice the speed at which the presenters can talk, then the presentations need to be clean, smart and substantiated. Keep the action moving.
  • Entertain questions that would apply to the group as a whole. When someone asks a very specific question related to only them, ask them to find you later for a possible discussion.
  • In events overall, people complain that some speakers left them feeling lectured to or treated as children. Avoid saying things like “trust me”.

  • *Please email your form at: lbrien@evi.life